My Fitness Secret Revealed

What I think is extremely important is the concept of visualisation.

This is the case particularly if you are aiming to transform your body in any way you desire.

Not knowing what you want to change about your body can be detrimental to your fitness motivation.

The concept of visualisation helps with finding that inner, long-lasting drive that many others lack. Practice this and results will show.

Below is how I went about it over the past 6 years and it changed my life forever:

To help with visualising your ideal body, take photos in the morning (preferrably after you take a visit to the toilet), once a week. This will be beneficial if you have an ongoing exercise routine. It will allow you to gauge how effective your workouts are and the impact of your diet on your overall progress.

To look for any changes in your body:

Download a photo editing app that has the collage function so you can edit photos like the one featured above.

If I hadn’t taken these 2 photos, I would’ve never realised the changes that my body has experienced over the past year. What you looked like last year would be extremely vague.

Visualisation is key for achieving your ideal physique.

Anthony Luong
L1 Fitness
Lean Physique Coach


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