Answer To Long-Lasting Motivation

Where do you find motivation you ask?

The only answer as to why you lack motivation – You don’t take enough progress photos.

The best way to track your changes made to your body through weight training is to take weekly progress photos.

As vain as it seems, it’s the most effective way to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

Without doing so, you risk losing your motivation and watch it decline week after week.

Your routine will become boring because you don’t know what you’re working with. You don’t know if your workout is effective. You won’t realise what minimal progress, if any, you are making.

The end result is – you cancel your gym membership and start making excuses like: ‘I don’t have time to go’, ‘Weight training is boring’, ‘I need a gym partner to be motivated’, ‘I have too much on my plate’.

These excuses frustrate me and gives me the urge to just intervene and show you how it should be done!

Some say its cocky, but it’s for your benefit. You don’t know how far you’ve come in 1 or 10 years time if you dont know how you looked 1 or 10 years ago compared to now. For all you know, you could’ve been the same person you were back then (physically).

I’m so glad I took progress photos for the sake of realising and noticing my progress and the effectiveness of my workouts.

Just do it and thank me later.

At the end of the day – Haters Gonna Hate.

Do it for your own good.

Anthony Luong
L1 Fitness
Lean Physique Coach


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