My Best Fitness Advice

In all my experiences in exercising and weight training, the #1 lesson I can offer is – Listen To Your Body.

Every year I aim to not get sick but how do you think that turns out?

Let’s just say it’s doesn’t go in my favour.

I don’t know about you but I HATE getting sick. (I would pay any amount of money to not get sick for the rest of my life)

There will be times when you train ‘x’ amount of days per week at the gym or at home or wherever it may be. Then you get to a point in your program/fitness regime where you start to experience symptoms such as – heavy-headedness, warm eyes, full-body fatigued, weaker than usual lifting the same weight as you normally do and many others.

These are signs that your body is working double time to bring it back to normal.

Working out would mean your body has to work even harder, especially if you’re putting your muscles through exercise-related stress, which would result in a greater workload for your body.

The best thing to do at this point in time could involve:

  • Shortening the session time and lighten the load
  • Stretching instead of lifting weights
  • Taking a short nap in the late afternoon/early evening to allow your body to recover faster

If you think otherwise, think about it this way… You get sick for a week and you can’t exercise. You eat less and that’s going to put you at risk of losing lean muscle mass and/or cardio levels (depending on your fitness goals).

When you’ve fully recovered, you end up much weaker and your motivation levels plummet. You lay in bed itching to hit the gym, wishing you didn’t get sick.

Play it safe. Listen To Your Body.

Anthony Luong
L1 Fitness
Lean Physique Coach


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