How Can I Exercise In The Cold?

You DON’T!

Exercising outside in the cold can be extremely bad for your health – there are so many risks in doing so.

When you exercise in the cold you are putting yourself at risk of falling sick!

My best tip for exercising during the rainy season is – signing up to a local gym (obviously). You can train at the gym through any season – rain, thunderstorms, the scorching heat and even when it floods (hence any season). You could argue that exercising at home would suffice but speaking from experience, it doesn’t always work out for most people (especially if you don’t have a proper set-up or for most, you just get plain lazy). The motivation just isn’t there!

Think about how different it would be to exercise around other like-minded people. It’s like running a marathon with other marathon runners. The atmosphere makes all the difference when it comes to exercising. They say hanging with successful people makes you more inclined to succeed. So why not surround yourself with people who have similar goals? 

There are many benefits for having a gym membership and becoming involved with weight training. These benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Increasing your metabolism – gaining lean muscle mass allows your body to burn more calories at rest, therefore burning fat without having to workout. With the right program and guidance this can be easily achieved over time. Don’t forget, it doesn’t happen overnight and neither does earning $1 million. Hard work pays off right?
  • Toning up – give your body some definition and something to look at in the mirror every day. Feel good about yourself. With the right program you can shape your body the way you want. Thus, weight training can also be seen as an art form.
  • Preventing future medical conditions – there are certain age-related health problems that come about due to a lack of weight-bearing activities which affect the strength of your bones. This can be prevented by going to the gym and performing weighted movements to help keep your bones strong and healthy. Look after your future self… in the present.
  • Looking good naked – how great would it be to willingly rip your shirt off at the beach just to see who’s looking? Or forgetting you had your top off as you walk outside your house to throw the trash out, only to have your neighbours staring from their windows. How about walking past a group of attractive women with a sleeveless shirt only to have them notice your aesthetics? Something to ponder about.

Anthony Luong
L1 Fitness
Lean Physique Coach


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